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Ania Milo Swann

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Ania M. Milo
I am an Artist, I Paint.

My soul whirls with powerful energy filled with colorful and vivid images and I paint to release that raw force.
With paintbrush and paint, I bring onto the canvas bright, fluid and powerful images that transcend the World around me.
My paintings are exuberant and full of my adventurous and courageous spirit. They flow with primal energy and passion and are a celebration of the awakening of my Authentic Self.
My Art is a way of Thanking the Universe for the extraordinary gift that has been given to me at a moment in my life when I needed it most.
Working with oils, acrylics and different thickening agents, I create art that appears almost three-dimensional, which, I think, makes it more powerful.
As the images inside my soul compel me to bring them to life, I am filled with an urgency to allow the color explode onto the canvas. In that moment, I experience a deep spiritual awakening and my soul is set free into a world where anything is possible and no boundaries exist.
As I continue to work, I sense how the final painting will look like; I feel it; I know it. It builds and develops in front of my eyes and as I finish; I give it life.


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